Recursive Crypto Totalizator!



1.1. The administration of the project "Total Capital", hereinafter referred to as the "SERVICE", reserves the right to make adjustments to this agreement, publish changes on the current website of the service and in case of important changes additionally inform on the news channel about it.

1.2. The domain name is a valid internet site of the service.

1.3. The domain name is the backup domain name of the service, which redirects the visitor to the current valid domain of the service.

1.4. The Telegram news channel contains the main news of the service, innovations or promotions.

1.5. Feedback E-mail: [email protected]

1.6. Changing the domain names of the service due to any circumstances is possible and is accompanied by the corresponding publication on the news channel and mailout for all users of the service. Please note that all service letters contain a challenge phrase specified by the user during registration, see paragraph 3.5.

1.7. In case of restriction of access to the service site, make sure that there are no blocking by the Internet service providers, try opening the domain to be redirected to the existing service domain or visit the service's news channel. If the blocking is still present, use the VPN proxy server to access the service site.


2.1. The user is aware of the risk of cryptoasset loss if the recommendations of this rules section are not followed. Also see paragraph 9.

2.2. The user is aware of the need for careful control and preservation of his data for authorization in the service.

2.3. All applications or browser extensions that have ever been run on a user's device should completely exclude spy software code, regardless of whether these applications are uninstalled now or not.

2.4. In the case of using a significant amount of cryptoasset, a "clean" operating system is recommended without extraneous software.

2.5. Remember! Some sensitive data of your account is stored in the memory of the Internet browser during online authorization. Spyware data tracking tools may not be visible to the user and antivirus software.

2.6. It is recommended to constantly monitor your e-mail for letters related to account security issues.

2.7. It is recommended to delete the password reminding e-mails of the service after reading, including also the "trash" section.


3.1. The service is allowed to participate only for adults whose age is regulated in accordance with the current legislation of the country a resident of which the user is.

3.2. The user agrees with the loss of the cryptoasset, the amount of which corresponds to the face values ??of the chips used for no-win bets made by the user in the game service.

3.3. The registration record made by the user on the service website using his unique nickname and e-mail creates one account. Further change of nickname or e-mail for this account is impossible.

3.4. The data specified by the user during registration, namely: e-mail, passwords, challenge phrase is confidential information and is not subject to distribution to third parties.

3.5. The challenge phrase specified during registration is no longer requested by the service under any circumstances and is used only to determine the authenticity of the service's mailout. Keep this in mind and after registration do not enter this phrase under any circumstances on the request of a site that pretends to be our service.

3.6. The administration of the service reserves the right to introduce restrictions on the participation in the service of users whose actions violate this agreement or inhibit the operation of the service.

3.7. The administration of the service reserves the right to prohibit the use of certain avatar images or nicknames.

3.8. It is forbidden to create an account obviously similar to another account in the service by spelling nickname and set individual avatar.


4.1. If the user has lost control over the registration e-mail but has saved the passwords, device and browser with the saved authorization key, it is recommended to immediately log in to the account and withdraw all cryptoassets of the account balance.

4.2. If the user has lost control over the registration e-mail and also lost the device or browser through which the service was previously used, further restoration of access to the service's account is possible only after restoration of control over the registration e-mail.

4.3. If the user has lost the password to access the service, this password must be restored within 48 hours by requesting a reminder of the password and sending it to the registration e-mail with the preliminary sending of two notification letters.

4.4. Simultaneously, it is possible to remind only one of the three types of account passwords.


5.1. Game accounting, account balance, bet values, bonus accruals, chip denominations correspond to the type of crypto: LITECOIN - LTC.

5.2. Game Terms:

5.2.1. "CAPITALS" Three conditional and possessing equal rights game betting target objects, referred to as: "GOLD", "PLATINUM" and "DIAMOND".

5.2.2. "LEADING CAPITAL" The capital that scored the maximum amount of bets during one round. If the amounts of the bets of two or three capitals are equal, the leading is the one that scored the maximum amount first.

5.2.3. "BET" Is made by the user on any of the three capitals using one or more chips.

5.2.4. "CHIP" Conditional game unit, the face value of which is equal to the amount of the cryptoasset used when purchasing this chip. The minimum chip face value is 0.001 LTC. Transfers of a user's cryptoasset below the amount of the minimum face value are non-refundable and are not taken into account by the service. The maximum chip face value is unlimited. If necessary, it is possible to sell chips, with the full value credited to the account balance.

5.2.5. "ACCOUNT BALANCE" Designed to account for winning and bonus crypto assets and withdrawing these funds to the player’s wallet.

5.2.6. "ROUND" Cyclically repeating independent gameplay. The round takes place in three consecutive stages: "START", "ONLINE", "FINISH".

5.2.7. "WINNINGS" Is automatically accrued to the account balance in the final stage of the round.

5.2.8. "PRIZE POINTS" Awarded for participating in the game at the first bet in the round.

5.3. Game process:

5.3.1. The start of the game is considered to be the set of the starting stage of the round, which opens the bets entries and does not have a time limit.

5.3.2. As the first bet has been made, the starting stage goes into the online stage, accepting bets is continued and the round timer is set for 1 hours. An additional setting of the round timer time to 95% of the current value occurs when the leading capital changes. If the time after an additional reset of the round timer has the value less than 60 seconds, then the timer time is set to 60 seconds. If the time of the round timer has reached 60 seconds and after further reduction of the timer, the leading capital has increased its amount by more than 20%, the round timer is set to 60 seconds.

5.3.3. The finish stage of the round begins when the timer expires and the leading capital acquires the status of the winning capital.

5.3.4. Winnings are calculated according to the sum of the account’s bets on the winning capital and are credited to the account balance at the time of the finish stage. The win is equal to the amounts of bets multiplied by the finishing proportion of the winning capital displayed on its top, with the deduction of the commission of the system according to paragraph 6.

For example: The amount of the player’s bet on the winning capital is 1 LTC. At the close of the round the proportion of this capital is 255%.

1. Preliminary winnings:

1 LTC * 255% = 2.55 LTC

2. Deduction of the commission for the sustentation of the service:

2.55 LTC - 3% = 2.4735 LTC

Total winnings accrued to the account balance will amount to:

2.4735 LTC

5.4.5. The prize points are calculated according to the timer readings during the first bet, the more readings, the more prize points, the bet amount is also taken into account. The first bet in the round is encouraged by multiplying the accrued prize points by three times.


6.1. The commission of the service is 3% and is charged when calculating the winnings before crediting the account balance. Additionally, see paragraph


7.1. "LIFETIME BONUS" Automatically accruing a cryptoasset to the account balance that has prize points at the end of the online stage for each round.

7.2. "REFERRAL LINK" Web address displayed in the bookmark of the partner program of the account, used by invited users to familiarize themselves with the site of the service.

7.3. "REFERRALS" Accounts of users who previously went to the service site using the referral link.

7.4. "REFERRAL BONUS" Is calculated from the sum of the face values of chips of the invited referral that were used in the completed round.

7.4.1. The size of the referral bonus is determined by three levels of invitation: Level 1: 0.6% of the face value of the chip. Level 2: 0.3% of the face value of the chip. Level 3: 0.1% of the face value of the chip.


8.1. The cryptoasset is withdrawn to the blockchain addresses specified by the user according to the balance on the account balance.

8.2. Limitation of the withdrawal amount:

8.2.1. The maximum withdrawal amount of all types of cryptoassets is limited only by the amount of the balance on your account balance.

8.2.2. Minimum withdrawal amount: 0.001 LTC

8.3. Additionally, for each payment from the account balance the commission for servicing the transaction of transferring funds in the blockchain system is deducted: 0.0002 LTC

8.4. The processing time of a crypto asset withdrawal request depends on the loading of the blockchain system and the loading of the service. The processing of the application begins immediately after the user’s request but the service administration reserves the right to delay processing up to 24 hours in case of technical need. The time-term for direct receipt of funds to user accounts depends on the load on the blockchain system. Additionally, see paragraph 9.


9.1. The service makes every possible effort for smooth operation but does not provide an absolute guarantee in this.

9.2. The service does not attract third parties or third-party payment systems, except for the global support of the blockchain operation to maintain the payment system.

9.3. The work of the service is provided "as it is", any critical failures or hacking of the service by attackers that lead to the loss of cryptoassets are regarded as force majeure circumstances, without the possibility of compensation by the service.


10.1. A technical break is possible for a number of reasons: preventive maintenance, detection of service malfunctions, equipment failure, attack by intruders.

10.2. If the turning on of a technical break was made during the stage of the round online or start, all bets are canceled, the chips used in this round are restored, the round is canceled.


11.1. To open access to the service chat, the account must have 100 prize points.

11.2. It is forbidden to use profanity, rudeness, insults.

11.3. It is forbidden to discuss issues not related to the service, advertising or anti-advertising of other services.

11.4. Flood, meaningless statements, a large number of specials characters and smiles are prohibited.

11.5. It is forbidden to discuss the actions of the administration of the service or the moderator.

11.6. It is forbidden to discuss forecasts regarding the limitation of the service's working hours.

11.7. Permanent use of text with upper case characters enabled by CapsLock is forbidden.

11.8. It is forbidden to not correspond to the language of communication for the language of the selected chat.

11.9. It is forbidden to provoke a panic, non-constructive negative about the service operation, deliberately false information.

11.10. If any complex technical issues have occurred, you must first contact the service feedback section.

11.11. In case of violations of the above rules for chat participation, temporary or permanent blocking of access to chat by the moderator of the service is possible.