Recursive Crypto Totalizator!


This game is similar to a tug of war game, but imagine a rope has three ends and three teams respectively.

You must choose one of the three capitals and make one or more bets. Your task is to provide the maximum amount of capital by the expiration of the timer, by your own or joint efforts.

The timer additionally reduces its time by 5% if a new leading capital is established during the game. Therefore, the total round time is not precisely determined and can be from a few minutes to a little less than one hour.

If the time of the round timer has reached 60 seconds and after a further reduction in the timer, the leading capital has increased its amount by more than 20% or there has been a change in the leading capital, the round timer is set for 60 seconds.

The coefficient of winning a bet are equal to the coefficient of leading capital at the end of the game, minus a service commission of 3%