Recursive Crypto Totalizator!


What is a recursive totalizator?
This is a new type of multiplayer game - a tote in which the object of your bet is one of the conditional bets groups of all participants in this game. A feature of this type of totalizator is that the winning coefficient is determined only at the end of the game.
What is the maximum profit I can get?
The maximum coefficient of your bet is up to x2.9 considering the service commission.
What is needed to participate in the game?
1. Create a new account.
2. Log in.
3. Buy one or more chips.
4. When watching the game, choose the moment and capital, make one or more bets.
5. In case of winning or other rewards, withdraw cryptoassets from your balance.
How to deposit funds?
The game provides for the purchase of each chip directly by listing the cryptocurrency LTC. For this, a new blockchain address is created for each chip.
What is the probability of my win?
If you made a bet on one capital, the probability is one to three and add your skill and luck )
How is the winning amount calculated and what is the maximum possible profit?
At the end of the game, your bet made on the winning capital is multiplied by the proportion of bets relative to the two losing capitals. Additionally, the service commission is withheld.
What is a lifetime bonus?
To receive a lifetime bonus, you need to have accumulative prize game points, which are awarded for participation in one or several games. Further, regardless of your participation, at the end of each game all participants with prize points receive a lifetime bonus. The amount of accrual depends on the number of your prize points, the total number of prize points of all accounts and the amount of bets in this round.
What is the duration of one game?
The duration of the game depends on the number of appointments of the new leading capital. The more appointments, the less time the game will last. The exception is the last minute of the game, if during this minute there is a change of the leading capital, the game timer is reset for one minute.
How can I make sure that a cryptoasset of the bet really exists on the blockchain?
Select the history section in the main menu, find the player's bet in the table and click on the bet amount. A list of blockchain addresses confirming the availability of the bet asset will be displayed if the round you have chosen has not yet been completed and the funds have not been spent on the needs of the service.
What type of cryptoasset is best for use?
The lower the exchange value of a unit of cryptoasset, the lower the cost of the minimum bet.
What is the waiting time for a payment to my wallet?
Payout occurs automatically at the request of the user. Payout time depends on the transaction processing time in the blockchain system. Also, the administration of the service reserves the right to delay payments in case of technical need, according to the rules of the service.
When is the partner bonus accrued?
The partner bonus is accrued at the end of the round in a case if your referral's chips were used in this round.
When can I participate in the general chat of the project?
The opportunity to participate in the chat is turned on after accumulating 100 prize points.